Top 5 Best HDR Camera Apps for Android

By on 02:07

With this article we list the top 5 applications for Android HDR camera with which you can take wonderful pictures.
Android Smart phones come incorporated with some of the best HDR cameras on the market, giving users an unprecedented opportunity to take wonderful pictures.

However, if you want to take full advantage of this technology HDR Camera for Android , you can download one of the many applications aimed at improving photographic experience from Google Play Store.

For basic editing and retouching images to major revisions and a good way to share your photos with your friends, here are our top 5 list of applications for Android camera HDR .

HDR Camera

HDR Camera is definitely the best application of HDR Camera for Android that can be found in the store GooglePlay. This is a very versatile that you provide an operating range which lets you snap pictures and capture clear photos dynamics.


The application Camera 360 has been named in the top 100 products by PC World technology world, and that lets you capture artistic images with the help of the camera of your android phone. The only drawback to this application is that it takes a bit of learning before use and drains the phone battery quickly.

Photaf Panorama Pro

If you're a fan of taking panoramic photos of landscapes and other great views then Photaf Panorama Pro is the right application for you as it allows you to create high-definition panoramic photos with your Android smartphone. Be able to create capture 360 degree panoramic.

Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera is another application that easily will turn the camera on your Android phone into a standard DSLR camera which lets you produce stunning high-definition pictures. This application lets you create beautiful pictures with full resolution.

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is a powerful camera has several shooting modes including stable shot, timer, voice activation mode, burst mode, collage, or even Time Lapse. If you like taking pictures in the field you can not leave home without this application as it is between the applications available on Google Play Store today.