Doro Experience: The best customized Android interface.

By on 21:10

The company Doro is known for seniors cell phones and now the Swedes bring a customized interface for Android devices called Doro Experience for Android on the market. Besides a software for Windows computer one has also adopted the mobile operating system Android, to make it easier to use for seniors.

As with his mobile phone, the company wants Doro care by highly simplified user interface that the Android smartphones and - Tablets are easier to use for seniors. It will look like in practice, so that the software builds on Android and us - as we are, for example, also from Samsung with TouchWiz or HTC familiar with the Sense UI - provides a different experience.

In this case provides for the course, in such a way that the elements are first times greater, and the number is manageable. The icons are easier to identify and clearly labeled. How to find, for example, on the Home tab large buttons for e-mail, contacts and images.

The fitted surface is only one of three elements, which are a function of the software. Also to include a cloud-based remote management, which allows you can also remotely set up and configure the interface and, also in an emergency even from a distance can do resolve problems. There is also a special, for seniors own app store called Doro Selection, in which apps are to be found both Doro and third-party. There is with "Friends" for example, a customized Facebook version.

All the fun will cost around 50 euros and could indeed contribute to that an older person can easily introduce them to use a smartphone or tablet.
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