I Forgot My iPad Password. What now?

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It may be that, when you on your iPad have set a password , this password you have forgotten. If you have forgotten the code, you can no longer access your iPad. This article describes the method to still be able to log on your iPad without the access code to use. The iPad is so well protected that you can not directly log. The only useful option is to use an old backup from iTunes. To do this you need access to your iTunes account. Also, you need the iPad to connect to your PC.
If your PIN or password incorrectly on the iPad you get several times the message "Password incorrect" or the message "Wrong password - please try again". Please, enter the password incorrectly too often.

If you can be too often the wrong password is entered, probably if you have forgotten it, then you get the message "" iPad is locked - you have to wait 1 minute ". After waiting for the time interval you can retry the proper passcode.
If you still few times a wrong password then enter the iPad permanently blocked. In general, is that after the introduction of 10 wrong access codes. At that time, indicating that you must connect the iPad to a PC via USB to back to gain access to the iPad.

If you do not remember the password you have to restore the iPad using a computer.
The method to be followed depends on whether you ever have backed up your data by synchronizing with iTunes

1) backup is present

Connect the iPad to a computer where you last the iPad data is synchronized. Restore the iPad using the most recent backup. When restoring you again a new  passcode on your iPad . Learn how to backup and restore the iPad [link follows].

2) backup is not present

If you restore the iPad on a computer that was never synced then you can unlock the iPad does but your data is no longer present. It is therefore important to regularly synchronize your data with iTunes