Miia GameTAB7 :Gaming Tablet for € 120

By on 20:48

The Italian Miia GameTAB7 is, as the name suggests, designed to play. With only 120 euros, it is slightly less expensive than the Nintendo DSi (about 140 euros, amazon.de ). Whether it is still just as good to play is suitable for traveling, will probably show.

With its 7-inch display, which dissolves with just with 400 × 840 pixels, it is not graphically probably more like eye candy one. Therefore the GameTAB runs with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an ARM Cortex A8 processor (probably ~ 1 GHz, single core) and the Mali-400 GPU. RAM and Flash memory amounts to 512MB and 8GB. Differently than you're used by most tablets, here adorn D-pad, the familiar PlayStation buttons square, triangle, circle and X and the same housing. Therefore, the device remembers the outside in my eyes a little to the PlayStation Vita.
Additionally, the device still comes with WiFi, one camera, front and rear, HDMI and microSD therefore. With 4 hours of battery life in normal game use the 3200mAh battery lasts but rather short, in music, the battery life increases supposedly to 6 hours.
What definitely is worth more: The Games Tablet brings probably innately emulators for NES, PSX and Sega Mega Drive. Otherwise, can be installed on those yet to Google Play Store. And that Android as a gaming platform has quite successful, is now known.
Conclusion: For 120 euros nice. Above all, the integrated buttons and keys are a far unfortunately unique feature which distinguishes the GameTAB of ordinary tablets. Otherwise, it is technically equipped rather bad.
If you want to get involved with that, it can only currently get hold of in Italy. I also had problems making an online store find.