Razer Fiona Gaming Tablet specs and review

By on 19:56

The company had asked for feedback, then get a lot of feedback and therefore can now announce the following after much thought and planning.

  •  CPU: Intel Core i5 or i7 
  •  GPU: Mid Tier Discrete GPU (hardcore PC gaming on the go at medium settings) 
  •  Thickness / Weight: Up to double the thickness / weight of an iPad 
  •  Other features: Detachable / Removable controller 
  •  Price: U.S. $ 1299-US $ 1499.
So we can remove the controller if needed - I find very important, because it is on the road it would have been very inconvenient history, would have left and right sides always the controller on the tablet there. As expected, donated to the tablet a fat CPU - either by a Core i5 or Core i7 used. To support the chip is a middle-class GPU, and the whole unit can not be twice as hard and twice as thick as an iPad. Sure - so of course it is still quite a crusher, but also for good reason.

Less fun than the game play is the price that you call. Start at just $ 1,300, it is, for the thicker processor puts her even close to 1,500 dollars on the counter. Thus seems clear before, that we are not in the foreseeable future, a lot of kids with Razer Tablets will encounter in the cities - this device is aimed more at hardcore gamers, the more enjoyable - can then also cost what - real gamble on the Tablet . Let's see how the device will look like in the end - and whether it actually finds a market.