Best Android Apps for Health & Fitness

By on 19:29

Health is the most precious possession, and so it's a nice feeling that Android smartphones and tablets are also a consultant to improve health and to increase well-being. The necessary apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store - below our selection of the best Android apps for your health.

Noom - The weight-loss app

Who plays with the idea, he could do a good weight reduction, will be pleased with these handy helpers. Noom - The weight-loss app supports the efforts, for example by being able to create a personal weight loss plan, indicate the progress made ​​by means of diagrams, food and drinks right on the basis of the food traffic categorization and from time to time in the benefits of complementary and sports activities . remember With the included widgets, important information directly represented on the homescreen. Noom - The weight-loss app can be downloaded for free.

App for Stop Smoking 

Many smokers would like to renounce their cigarettes or cigars, but daily stress, lack of motivation, etc., make the good intentions too often been lost. The Stop Smoking app tries to help the user when it comes to motivation. Apart from the numerous practical tips to its users through registration each smoked cigarette View statistics on their personal smoking habits and get information at any time after the cessation of their saved money. The Stop Smoking App is available for free on Google Play Store for download.

BMI calculator

The body mass index allows the body weight of a person in relation to its body size and rate thus represents a fairly good guideline for the classification of its own weight. With the BMI calculator app can own body mass index can be calculated quickly and easily and in two different systems of units displayed (metric and Anglo American). The BMI calculator app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.