CES 2013: Intel shows PaperTab - concept for tablet with flexible display

By on 23:12

Intel has teamed up with the company Plastic Logic and the Queen's University to jointly Tablet to build a flexible plastic screen that works similar to an e-paper screen. The official unveiling will take place tomorrow at CES 2013, but now is the device was shown in a first video.

The PaperTab called tablet has a high-resolution 10.7-inch display, which feels like a piece of paper alleged that genuinely looks. It has an equally flexible touchscreen and is powered by Intel Core i5 processor of the second generation ("Sandy Bridge"). The use of concept is to use a variety of PaperTabs combined, with each "leaf" for a single app to use. It would act as a kind of multi-screen tablet, where you could switch between the different screens by "Flip". In the video below you can see how you can keep the various PaperTabs together to share information between them. The individual layers are also bent to implement specific actions.

In theory could flexible plastic displays are also used for the organization of documents. They should be light and durable, so they are not damaged even if they are something rough tackles. In addition, they allegedly allow more natural interaction than conventional displays, just because they are flexible, light and durable. Yet the approach however, is found in its infancy, so it will probably take several years before such technology could we encounter in everyday life.