Top 3 Free E-Reader Apps For Android Tablet

By on 05:37

1. Kobo

Kobo is known as producer of e-readers. In addition, the company has also developed an application for Android tablets. And this application is definitely worth it. First and foremost, the app is very nice. The app looks completely modern and running smoothly.
With 'Reading Life' tries Kobo reading a social touch. The system rewards you for reading and allows you to read information about the book to share via Facebook. This function is, moreover, simple to switch off.
The app is easy to adjust and adapt to your needs. Think font size, screen brightness, alignment, day / night mode, etc. Bookmarks synced into your Kobo account, if you book in the Kobo store bought.
Kobo connects to an extensive online shop which are easy to buy books. Furthermore it is very easy to import your own books. The app searches the storage of the tablet and then lets you choose which books you want to add to the library.
The app makes suggestions for new books, but so far that function very accurately shown. It seems to be a system for unknown books plugs to a new audience. Very relevant to the recommendations unfortunately.


+  Nice app +  Simple import capabilities -  Irrelevant suggestions

Download: Kobo (free)

2. Aldiko

Aldiko is still the most popular and installed e-reader app for Android. The app runs therefore been a while and now has a large fan base received.
The app supports a variety of file formats, including Epub the most important. This format is today the most widely used, especially for free digital books.
If you open a book, you start with the cover, if available. There are many default settings that you can easily change. Obviously there day and night mode and you can adjust the brightness of the display by turning the left of the screen vertically dragging. What struck us was that it was not convenient to do this in conjunction with the introduction of Android to the brightness of your tablet screen automatically determine. This changes the brightness of your digital book whenever you're in a different environment is read. Other settings are: directly go to contents, bookmarks, search for words on a page, dictionary, font and layout settings, font size, navigation settings and even the possibility of your personal CSS.
Aldiko gives you the opportunity to own books to import into the app. Through the built explorer is a piece of cake.
In summary, this e-reader application for your Android tablet is ideal for quick books to download and read. In the settings you can change all the settings. An excellent free application!


+ Very user friendly and nice layout + Easily change settings & many setting options - Few paid books download

Download: Aldiko (free)

3. Mantano Reader

Mantano Reader is a relatively new e-reader in the Play Store. The app looks professional. After booting you will immediately see your own library. This list of books can be adapted to your own preference. You can choose from a simple list, details or thumbnails. Furthermore, the list can be easily sorted.
The app supports various formats of books, including ePub and PDF. The app is able to scan your device for new books which then can be added to the library.
The reading screen is to your own preferences to adjust. There are standard themes available, such as black on white, white on black and sepia. Additionally, you can also create your own theme. Plus, you font, line spacing, alignment and adjust margins.
In addition to the free version of Mantano there is also a premium version. It has support for taking notes, dictionaries and an online search for books.


+  Supports many file formats +  Many adjustments -  Extended version is not free

Downloaden: Mantano Reader