Ubuntu OS comes to the smartphones and tablets

By on 04:30

An interface for desktop and smartphone, so Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth describes the idea behind the operating system Ubuntu Phone .

The usual other smartphones lock screen is a "welcome screen", replaces the already displays personal information. Ubuntu can use it directly. In return, Canonical has a new interface devised in which all sides of certain functions can be here in total wipes.

With a mop of left, the most important apps . At the bottom of the list there is a button that leads to the home screen. This displays the most recently used apps then Ubuntu and people with whom recently communicated. In addition, the home screen will be filled with information from any source.

From above at any time can be a search box here total wipes, which seeks both on the phone and on the web. Ubuntu decides where best to be sought. Also, movies, books and other things appear in the search and can be purchased directly.

By lateral wipe the phone can browse through the most relevant information, including music, contacts, videos and apps. On the Apps page shows alongside Ubuntu installed apps to even those that are available for download. With a wipe from left in the picture to the right margin, the Apps menu can be called directly.

Native Apps and Web Apps

With apps Ubuntu uses both native apps and Web apps. Web apps should be able to use it similar to the native resources, for example, to view notifications. It Canonical uses the same framework, which also web apps can be developed for the desktop version of Ubuntu.

Since the created with HTML5 web apps are yet limited in their capabilities, supports Ubuntu and native apps. This is also intended for games that use OpenGL ES and GLES can. These Canonical now offers a developer kit . Apps can be described in QML, small UI functionality in Javascript and the logic can be developed in C or C + +. Some game companies, including EA and Valve should have already pledged their support for the platform.

A wipe from the right into the picture allows for direct previously used app screen.