How to Use Android as a webcam for PC

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If you're using an Android smartphone and you are in the need of using a webcam to make video calls from your computer, you do not need to go buy one and you can use Android as a webcam .

Using a phone as a webcam Android this will allow access to all the functions that a normal camera does, like video chat with friends via Skype Messenger, Yahoo or Google Talk. In fact it would be rather like the best alternative resolution also would be a little higher than what it offers a webcam.

To use Android as a webcam for PC, does not mean that you just have to connect the phone to the PC and start the conference. This need for an application that will help you do it.

Applications to use Android as a webcam

Several applications to use Android as a webcam for PC, some of the best are:

  1. IP Webcam  
  2. SmartCam 
  3. DroidCam

IP Webcam is the most famous of the three mentioned above, but before uzarla must perform a configuration. Here we leave the steps to configure IP Webcam .

Steps to configure IP Webcam

Step 1 . Download the app> then go to Settings.

Step 2 . Create in setting a user name and password.

Step 3 . Adjust the resolution, frame rate and image quality.

Step 4 . Use the TCP port number default - 8080 or you can make your own.

Step 5 . Once everything is set, press the "Start Server" and display the URL of the video allowing you to remotely view.

Step 6 . After this, open the web browser on PC and introduze the port number and the IP address you received during the installation of the application on your phone.

Step 7 . After connecting the phone and computer are set correctly, you should see the streaming video.

[Note] To integrate webcam with Skype application and run it, you must download and install a plug-in that is compatible with the application. [/ Note]

IP Webcam is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The camera can also be seen in various media players like VLC Media Player or can work even in web browsers.