[Tutorial] Remove Pre-Installed Applications Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

By on 19:24

1) The first thing you should keep in mind is that you must have root access on your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

2) Then you have to install System Tuner from Google Play and download Lite-ROM.

3) To begin, unzip the ZIP file that contains the application-lite rom_creator.exe and then double click to run it.

4) Select the applications you want to delete. Double click to include an application or double-click a selected application to exclude.

5) After you have finished selecting the applications you want to remove, click Export Script Lite-ROM "

6) Then you should get the file "fish-literom.txt".

7) Now you have to copy this file to the SD card of your Galaxy Note.

8) From the Galaxy Note, you have to start the application System Tuner

8) From the application you have to enter "Terminal" -> "Script" and select the "fish-literom.txt".

9) The script will run and you may get closure errors which have to ignore.

10) Once the script is complete, simply reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and go!