Tutorial to Sim unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505) for free

By on 09:09

Today I bring you a tutorial to release Samsung Galaxy S3 and so you can use your smartphone with any carrier without any restrictions.

Most users take their devices through an operator. These telephone companies  usually provide devices that they modify the software to include applications, options and a set of bloatware own. In addition, companies often limit some functions, for example so that the phone can not be used with another carrier. What we do to release or unlock a phone is to allow it to work with any company.

If you want to unlock your device, today I bring you a tutorial to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505)

It is clear that this is a risky process that could lead you to lose your warranty. From AndroidZone we are not responsible for damage that may occur to the equipment remains under YOUR own risk.

Before you start this process you should know that only serves the S4 Galaxy (GT-i9505) and NOT for other versions.

1 - The first thing to do is open the phone dialer and press  * # 0011 #

2 - Then, press Menu  and then Back . Then slowly press the Menu again and choose  Key Input . He writes  one  and press  OK  to enter  Service Mode .

3 - Press Menu again and then back . This will bring up the Main Menu ( Main Menu) to Service Mode . There press [1] UMTS .

4 - Select [1] DEBUG SCREEN , then [6] PHONE CONTROL .

5 - In the next screen you must choose [6] NETWORK LOCK .

6 - There you will have three options: click on [3] OFF PERSONAL SHA256 .

7 - Return the Main Menu by pressing Menu followed by Back . In the menu select [6] COMMON , then [6] NV REBUILD .

8 - The device will say that Golden Backup exists. Click on [4] Restore Back-up.

Then the device will go through a series of "conditions" and freeze. After a couple of screens appear and finally restart automatically (be patient, all this can take a few minutes).

9 - Ready! 've Managed to release Samsung Galaxy S4 and can be used with the company you want!