[APK] Download and Install original Xperia Z Launcher

By on 05:54

Xperia Advanced Launcher  is the original home Sony  Xperia Z, and you can install it without flashing complicated processes, thanks to a member of XDA , who modified it. The only requirement is to have a computer with Android 2.0, 4.0 or higher .

Original features

  • Organize add and remove homescreens.
  • Organizing applications drawer with folders.
  • Smart Search application.
  • Share social networking applications directly.
  • It has a notification system or unread messages on the app to have notifications pending on Android 4.0.3 +.

Features added 

  • No need to put the apk file in system / app.
  • Valid for all screen resolutions.
  • Main desktop grid selectable from 3 × 3 to 12 × 12.
  • Grid application drawer selectable from 3 × 3 to 12 × 12.
  • Shares of user-customizable buttons.
  • Gestures, two punch, pinch.
  • Infinite displacement.
  • Hide apps in the app drawer.
  • Support for icon packs Go Launcher.
  • Customizing icons and labels them.
  • Backup and restoration of the Launcher.

What's more, you can download  widgets. Xperia user If you only download and install, if they are to follow all recommendations.

Download the apk