Best Parental control apps to Limit the use of Android devices

By on 22:46

Parental control apps for Android serve to limit access to certain applications, the time your kids spend using your device, browsing time and what pages consumers access or which files or folders have access. There is something for everyone, more or less complete and even receive reports on your email inbox.

 Of course, before making use of these tools, it is always advisable to talk to your children and educate them on the proper use of the Android device and take precautions against possible dangers in social networking or potentially harmful applications.

Kids Zone App Lock : This application, with free version and a more complete payment, serves both Android phones to tablets. Its function is focused on the smaller, and among other things, limits the use of calls and sending / receiving messages, limiting Internet access , block app purchases on Google Play and restricts the use of the configuration options Android. On the other hand, you can decide which applications to allow and what not.

Kids Place : Another application for phones and tablets designed for children. In this case, you can create specific profiles for each child with a custom screen that displays the applications that can access and each profile you can set at any time. This function must be added blocking Internet, Bluetooth and mobile and restricting purchases at the official store of applications, among others.

Android Parental Control : With a discreet design, this application serves to limit the use of certain applications, uninstalling prevent certain applications automatically open an app specific, etc..

Qustodio Parental Control : This service, also available for Windows and OS X, will help to limit access to applications (paid version) and certain web content from your children manually or with the aid of their practical content filters do not appropriate. You can create specific profiles for each child and also limit the time of use of the device. On the other hand, every so often receive a report by email and you can use the same profiles in Android, Windows and OS X.

Screen Time : If you are interested specifically limit the time of use, with this application you can easily do, for one or more users using different profiles . You can set different limits for each day (eg during the week and for the weekend), and then access a record with information about the usage time of the Android device.

Norton Parental Control Family : major software companies like Norton begins to see Android as a platform to consider for its main products. This is the case with this parental control tool for Android that allows you, with a free version and a more complete payment, time limit use of an Android phone or tablet, restrict the content to which you have access and even warn through an email if your child has done something I should not.

Parental Control Kaspersky : Kaspersky also has its own parental control application for Android. As in previous cases, serves both phones to tablets. Their actions are focused on two aspects: limiting the web content that is accessed by your child and limit the applications or games that can open. For now it is in beta, but you can install it without problems as it is very stable.