Boost WiFi signal on your Android with Wifi Booster 2013

By on 07:02

You can not always get the most out of your access, due to the speed. With the app WifiBooster 2013 you will ensure you're always connected to the fastest signal is available.

 Wifi Booster 2013

To enjoy the full speed WiFi possible, wherever you are, and not limited by the speed of your wireless connection , the first thing you have to do is download the app Wifi Booster 2013 from Google Play .

It is a free application, is advertising inside, but not intrusive or difficult to use the app. Once downloaded, you'll see an icon for shortcut on the desktop of your device.

There are more apps that can help you out with your connection when you're away from home, such as YellWifi , which we've already discussed.

 » Interface

The application has a user interface extremely simple, which makes their use is very "friendly". Simply press the button BOOST and you will start the fast optimization of wireless points.

This occurs in the background. There, do not have to do anything else. You will see that the sign of your WiFi is power .

» Battery

This type of applications that serve to enhance the WiFi signal have a downside , is that in order to increase the connection speed, need extra energy . Therefore quite battery consuming .

You better do not use them if you have low battery and not have ability to connect your device to recharge it, as you run the risk that goes.