How to save battery Android KitKat 4.4

By on 20:09

Five tips to help you take advantage of all the new features of the new Android operating system without draining the battery of your phone.

The version 4.4 of Android, or KitKat , comes with a host of new features to explore, but so will leave you load new breeze.

Follow these five tips to get the most out of KitKat without killing your battery so fast.

1. GPS

The GPS function consumes the battery of your device even when you're not in the Maps application. Each time you register a visit on Facebook ( check-in ) or take a picture even when the GPS is active.

To not leave you too exhausted battery, go to "Settings", "Location", Mode and activate the option for "Battery Saver".

If you are looking for directions somewhere with small alleys and confusing, you can activate the option "High Accuracy" to more accurately locate you on the map.

2. Sync photos

KitKat automatically synchronized to your account many of the things you do on your device, but make sure you are synchronizing only the things you need.

To save battery sync your photos wait until you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. Go to the application of "Gallery", click the three dots, select "settings" and active "Sync only Wi-Fi".

3. Brightness and Bluetooth

Many already know this, but one of the things that drain the battery faster your device is the screen brightness. To adjust the brightness slide your finger down on the screen, go to the box in the upper right corner, click "brightness" and select "auto". The automatic option adjusts to ambient light and better preserves your battery.
And since we're in this menu disables Bluetooth when you're not using. The phone is always connected when you're looking on and this wastes energy.

4. NFC

If you have near field communication (NFC for its acronym in English) on, be sure to have it checked only when you need it. Go to "Settings", "More" (under data usage) and disable it.

5. Tool Battery

Finally, remember that you have the battery tool which lets you monitor your applications are those that are using more load. Slide your finger downward from the Home screen, press the upper right box and go to the little picture of the battery. If you notice any of your applications are using heavily loaded, close it.

These tips are basic, but you can get out of trouble the next time you're desperate to conserve battery.