Snap:Download and install APK apps on BlackBerry 10.2.1

By on 06:57

In the latest update to BlackBerry 10.2.1, it started supporting files to install . apk (format in which they are games and applications for Android) without the need for adjustments or transform format . bar using games and apps for BlackBerry. This new support survival opened the doors to BlackBerry 10 because thanks to this support was born Snap .

Snap is a client Unofficial Google Play Store that allows you to search and install applications designed for Android on BlackBerry handsets with 10.2.1. Because it thrives on a Google search APKs of Play may be able to file directly obtain the app store, once downloaded the same application invokes native APK installer included on BlackBerry and proceeds to install directly from the application .

If you have a BlackBerry handset with 10.2.1, you can download Snap ( . pub ) and install it. But we require a couple of add-ons to work without problems: Android ID to download applications designed for Android 2.2 or lower and GSF ID applications with support for up to 4.2.2.


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