Solution » Connectivity problem on WhatsApp for WP 8

By on 23:21

For several months WhatsApp functions incorporated error notification to exit the application, Usually due to connectivity problems with our 3G data or Wi-Fi networks.

Today we will give you some of the best solutions that circulate on the Internet to solve these problems. It is not worthy that we have served us perfectly in a terminal with Windows Phone 8 . It is also expected that the WhatsApp  technical team implement a new update to correct these faults.

As I have reported the problem of connectivity is given by the continuous check channel connectivity, the function that allows you to receive notifications even if we run the application in the background . As I imagine you can, if you do not have this connectivity fully operational, will not receive anything.

Then we leave an image illustrating the fatal error . As you can see, the image itself is reported error push notifications.

We will explain now how to fix these connectivity issues WhatsApp for Windows 8. This method is very simple and works in 90% of cases . Just trying to return the terminal to load your network connections to overcome these major problems.

By the time receive a message, click on the Windows Start button to exit the application. We turn now to the settings of the terminal and we activate airplane mode. wait a few seconds for all the changes are applied successfully.

Then disconnect this way and wait for your device to connect to the WiFi network coverage or lame enough to receive calls or use mobile data. WhatsApp launched the application again and found that by giving the start button the message disappears.

Performing these steps will save us having to restart the device each time you jump error. But as I already discussed above, does not always work.


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