The 7 best free apps to create collages on Android

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Sometimes a single image is not sufficient to capture a moment, collages help us express more through our photographs. In Android there are apps that allow us to exploit free our creativity with them. Here a selection of the 7 best apps free to create collages on Android.

1.  Photo Grid - Collage Maker

Photo Grid is simple to use and very quick. We just have to choose the photos you want to combine and Photo Grid creates the collage.
We can choose the type of collage, frame, background, edit photos (rotate, zoom) and add text or stickers . The results are very good and can be shared on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter, Flicker, Picasa, Blogger or Tumblr .

2.PicsArt - Photo Studio

PicsArt is a wonderful and complete implementation of photos with a lot of great features: image editor, camera (with different effects are available), and of course drawing collages . It is also a social network similar to Instagram , where we can share our creations and view, comment or make creations like the others.

3. KD Collage Free

It is an application oriented only to create collages on Android . He has more than 70 models and more than 80 collage background options. The selected pictures can move, rotate and zoom. Also you can add text with different fonts and styles.

4. PhotoShake!

With PhotoShake can create different types of collages, either a single image by adding an edge or a group of photos that can be edited individually.
The originality of this implementation is that after selecting the photos you want to include, with a slight jerk on the phone are automatically mounted. If we shake the phone, placing mix again otherwise. A fun way to create collages.

5.  Pic Collage

PicCollage is my favorite from the list. Besides allowing pictures together in a collage, rotate, zoom and add text or stickers, we can edit the edges, make the background and even crop them at will, allowing us to create even more original collages. The result can share it by Facebook , Twitter, E-mail or save it to our gallery.

6.Photo Frame Free: Easy Collage

Photo Frame Free is simpler than the applications we described earlier but is very friendly and helpful to create simple collages with a few pictures (there are more than 60 designs to choose from) and quickly share them on social networks like Facebook , Twitter or Instagram .

7.Muzy - Share photos & collages

Muzy ofece us several options, including Photobox to create a collage, add filters and frames to your photos. It has a sleek design and is simple to use.
With so many apps available, what do you expect to start creating collages and share with your friends? Recommend this post and share!
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