Tips to Solve Battery Problems & Consumption in iOS 7

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Battery consumption is certainly one of the major concerns that every user has the iOS update. If the iPhone 4 is now finished with iOS 6, or if the iPhone 5 wins or not autonomy is something that every user is now beginning to experience.

How to improve battery consumption in IOS 7

iOS 7 introduces some new features in its interface that can directly affect battery consumption. It should not be a major impact but we can still help as follows:

Disable Reduce Motion:From Settings> General >Accessibility you can access the menu that disables or enables

Disable Dynamic wallpapers . That function for you can enjoy both the circles of floating, better not use it. Opt for traditional static wallpaper.

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Deactivate automatic updates .

Disable background App refresh 

Any other additional settings? Lower the screen brightness, bluetooth off if we did not use, configure notifications for apps that only we care, etc.. Adjust the system ultimately the most optimal way for our use. Even if we have not noticed any battery problem, some of these actions could give us a little extra. Since each decide what to do. It is also true that if a problem Apple should fix in future software updates.


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