How to recover accidentally deleted contacts in iPhone

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We've all lost some of our phone contact either our or someone else's accident. How can we help? Is there any way to recover those contacts? Knowing how important it is to keep good records of all the people we meet in our lives, and we can not remember them all, this article will offer four tricks that, if you just accidentally delete these contacts have a chance to recover.

First of all, we must say that the best solution is to have a backup of your contacts, whether in iCloud , iTunes or any other service that allows us this task.

Restore a contact from the Contacts application on iCloud or OS X

For this we are going to enforce the latency or expected to have application synchronization with other devices. As we know, there are always a few seconds since we make any changes until this is reflected in other devices, so sometimes we complain about this, this time going to be our ally. This trick works with the application Contacts or Address Book or OS X version of . We must do the following:

Disconnect your iPhone once the network connection going into airplane mode so that we clear all connections.

  • Open the application Contacts in our OS X or and seek the deleted contact.
  • Open the contact, go to the menu >File> Export and then Export vCard to save the contact to a file . vcf . This support contact on our computer if the next step does not work.
  • With the selected contact, click on the arrow button Share and chose the "Send e-card" option to start the default email application with vCard contact attachment.
  • Disconnect airplane mode to receive our iPhone contact.
  • On the iPhone, open the message and selected attachment, select Create New Contact .

The reason to put the iPhone in airplane mode is for us to cut all connections and can not synchronize the accidental change that has been made ​​in contact with the network. If we are ahead of our Mac we can disconnect the network, so that synchronization does not arrive and we have a backup of those deleted contacts.

Retrieve contacts re-synced with iCloud

This option only re-syncs your contacts with iCloud, though not always work to restore lost contacts . But if the previous option is not successful, we can always try. Yes, we should be quick again before the changes are synchronized.

  • Open the configuration and we will iCloud .
  • We turned off the option Contacts .
  • Select Keep on the iPhone when you're asked to do with existing contacts.
  • We again turn on the option Contacts .
  • Select the option Merge , to mix the contacts we have with those in iCloud.
  • Let the application contacts to see if we have recovered the lost contact.
There are many applications available on the Internet to recover all your lost iPhone contacts but are third party applications that take advantage of desperate and usually charge high prices and no warranties.My recommendation is that you do not trust them because most are no more effective than manual methods described here. If the above not have been able to retrieve the contacts, I guarantee that there are few options for someone else does not have a previous copy.


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