Tutorial:How to Increase the volume of Nexus 5 without Root

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The Brand new Google device, the Nexus 5 was released about 3 weeks ago and was met with acclaim, but within XDA Developers forums certain complaints that some devices have a low volume regarding your speaker.XDA devolapers solve the problem, and it fixed the problem and published a tips with all the necessary steps and tools in the process.

In this process you will have to open the device for carrying out this review. It's true Yes it is dangerous. But luckily, the steps are well documented and only need a few simple tools to carry out the review. Be very careful though. While the steps are well described and is relatively safe, after all, making a mod for the hardware,what could happen is that the device is damaged.


  • 1 Phillips screwdriver 
  • 1 Case opener tool (screwdriver plastic cell)
  • 1 Guitar pick (tool with which a guitar is played)
  • 1 Lighter
  • 1 Needle


1 - Remove the rear panel of the device and we remain as shown in the picture.

2 - Remove the 4 screws and carefully remove the lid that covers the audio output. As shown in the picture.

3 - Left only the lid and shown on image

4 - Heat the needle with the lighter

5- Punch Needle with hot parts that are framed with red in the following image, then move the needle around so I enlarged the hole and wait with the needle to cool.

6 - Once the needle has cooled twist and pull the needle out of the hole that was created.

7 - Make about 5 holes so that you have as well as shown in the following image.

Finally,re-set your device carefully.

That's it, leave any questions or suggestions in the comments.


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