VINCI MV Android tablet-Safe and Educational for Children

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He has appeared and is already on sale VINCI MV, a tablet that brings educational content and safe as games, videos and apps for kids. You can share among adults and children without fear that the smaller grab something inappropriate for them.

Vinci Genius, who are dedicated to creating tablets and games for young children, today announced the launch of the MV Family VINCI tablet with a 7 inch screen and Android 4.1 operating system, specially designed for families with toddlers to nine years old.

This new tablet comes loaded with five games created by the same company and with an application called Kids Library that provides examples of books for learning then can buy more, non-commercial, no adult content, no violence and no purchase in-app . The tablet also comes with 12 music videos for kids.

All content is an introduction and a way to sell more of its educational content for children to learn and use technology in a safe environment without parental control programs as systems or more complete Skydog .

What makes this tablet for children is different, is that it can be used by parents for their common activities, but also can provide the children without fear of inappropriate content to grab them. Also, always have access to the contents of Vinci Genius with a store that has more than 800 books, games and videos for download.

The tablet has 3G, a camera with two lenses, 8GB of disk space and is desbloqueda to use two SIM cards at the same time different. It also has voice recognition so that the contents of children immediately become active.

MV Family VINCO tablet has a wonderful price of U.S. $ 199.99 , and also brings a case of leather, a car charger, a USB cable and a headset with microphone


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