Asus RT Vivo Windows 8 tablet specs and review

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Microsoft Asus is the first hardware manufacturer to offer a tablet with Windows 8. In the tested version, it has a UMTS module for mobile Internet access and a 64 gigabyte large memory of the stand but only 44.9 gigabytes of free disposal. Alone, the operating system is already 8.5 gigabytes! Choose also the available 32-gigabyte version of the test device, leaves little space for custom data.

Screen with a small angle The Asus RT Vivo Tab features a 10.1- inch wide screen with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. He shines with 522 candelas per square meter although very bright and has a very high contrast ratio of 1587:1. Due to the low angle you need but directly in front of you to look at what is represented. The built-Fit Glass appears very stable and scratch resistant.

Four cores
In Vivo tab RT puts the Tegra 3 platform from Nvidia, which has four cores with a clock speed of 1.3 gigahertz features. It has proved itself in many Android tablets and is also embedded in RT Surface from Microsoft. The chipset is also responsible for the graphic computation, gets in his work but still support a two-gigabyte memory. "Test Overview: The Best Tablets

Trimmed Windows
Asus installed on the Vivo tab RT RT-eighth the stripped version of Windows It contains not only the tile surface and the reasons for the touch controls desktop view. The major limitation, however, represents the Windows Store Only you can about him, similar to the iTunes Store for iPhone or iPad apps install. However, the Microsoft offering is extremely small in comparison to Apple. Small consolation: After Office 2013 is installed on the tablet.

The touch screen responds to inputs without delay. The tile interface of Windows RT can be set up and use it without guidance, the brief notes when you first start out rich. The tablet belongs in practice not the fastest, but fast enough for important functions. The old desktop of Windows 7 should only be used with a connected keyboard dock. Using the touch screen, it can be cumbersome to use and accurate.
Interfaces and processing
With its back panel made of aluminum, the Vivo tab RT is very high quality and well finished. The tablet has a comparatively large number of interfaces. Along with a headphone jack and a micro-HDMI connector nor a MicroSD card reader for expansion of internal memory available. The proprietary connector for charging the battery, you can turn to an adapter into a USB port. No detours, a USB port is only available on the keyboard dock.

Battery life
The battery life of the Vivo tab RT is only half as long as other tablets, with constant use, it turns out already after nine hours. The Apple iPhone 4 and the Microsoft Surface RT hold example long by about 18 hours. With the second battery in the keyboard dock will be the battery life of the Vivo tab RT increase to 16 hours.

The Vivo RT Tab has two cameras on the front allows video chats in full HD resolution. The camera on the back takes photos with a maximum of eight megapixels. The picture quality is acceptable from the tablet is primarily suitable for snapshots in good lighting conditions.

Variants and keyboard dock
Asus offers the Vivo tab at RT in several variants. The basic version costs 599 euros, 699 euros for the tablet has a UMTS module. Both models the manufacturer for an additional 130 euros for a keyboard dock, so that the prices increase to 629 and 729 euros.

Conclusion: Asus RT Vivo Tab
As vulnerabilities Vivo Tab Asus RT prove the relatively low battery life and even scarcity of apps in Windows RT. Overall, this is but a tablet, you are working well but also in leisure time have fun. Along with the keyboard dock, it combines the benefits of tablet and notebook.