Medion LifeTab S9714 (MD99300) specs and review.

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The view of the screen reveals: The top players in the Top Tablets à la iPad can not keep up the Medion display. The ten-inch touchscreen is indeed beautifully bright and evenly lit, but also reflects strong. With a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, the LifeTab comes to around one million pixels, and is on a par with many current Windows tablets from Asus RT or Microsoft - the iPad display, however with 3.1 million pixels, a good three times higher resolution. Nevertheless, text and graphics appear on the LifeTab even at high magnification still pretty sharp and legible. Colors makes the display a little pale, it represents is scratch resistant as well as the housing.

Quad-core CPU
In benchmark tests, the average pace of work LifeTab worse than other Android tablets like the Nexus 10 of Google. In practical COMPUTERBILD measurements but it was little sign: With its quad-core processor with 1.3 GHz clock speed and a gigabyte of RAM, the LifeTab worked pretty quickly. Gave short response times when opening menus and apps, or when loading very large image files. The browser does play from any Flash video, but reacts quickly. Also elaborate games run on the LifeTab without stutter. 

storage space
The free space of the tablet sized lush with almost 27 gigabytes. Thanks to reader expand the memory via microSD card to a maximum of 32 gigabytes. Need more space for data, connect via the supplied adapter a USB stick or external hard drive to. Practical: As the software "Documents to Go" is pre-installed, easily edited using the LifeTab Word or Excel documents.

Handling: Satisfactory
With 614 grams the LifeTab almost 50 grams lighter than the iPad 4th And that makes a positive impact in practice: The only 1.13 inch thick tablet is comfortable even for prolonged use in the hand. When typing of texts disrupts the little sluggish at best keyboard. The simple and very edgy body creaks under pressure, total processing seems solid.

Battery and radio data
In everyday use, the battery lasted for nine hours and 41 minutes - but it took about six hours, until he was fully charged again. On Wi-tempo there nothing to find fault: Even through two thick walls of a building, it still managed a speed of about 20 Mbps. And for mobile surf trips is UMTS aboard.

Conclusion: Medion LifeTab P9714 (MD99300)
For 399 Euro's is the LifeTab Medion S9714 a good Android tablet with rich content including surfing the UMTS mobile network. This is a simple to use - a clear best buy for the gift table!