10 Tips To Save Your Android Tablet Battery Life

By on 07:22

1. Reduce the screen brightness

Since the screen energy consumer, you can adjust these settings with a lot of energy gain. Go to Settings> Display> Brightness. You can let Android ensure the proper brightness. This often works well enough. If you really want to save energy, then you screw the brightness manually.

2. Customize your background image

When using LED and AMOLED screens dims the backlight when the screen is dark colors to display. This seem dark colors even darker. An additional advantage of this dimming of the backlight is a decrease in energy consumption. To save energy, so you can choose a black desktop background. This charge your backlight less demanding, requiring less energy it will consume.

3. Turn WiFi off when not in use

In our battery report showed that WiFi is a major consumer of energy. It is therefore important that you turn off WiFi when not in use. This win many precious minutes tablet fun!

4. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

The Bluetooth sensor consumes relatively much energy. Turn bluetooth always off when you're not using.

5. Turn off GPS when you are not using

The GPS receiver consumes energy unnecessarily when GPS is enabled. Turn off GPS so when you're not using.

6. Avoid unnecessary synchronization

Some applications search with a fixed regular contact with other systems via the Internet. For example, to send messages to retrieve or send. Each time a synchronization occurs, the Internet consumes energy. Late applications so only synchronize when you really need. When a synchronization adds nothing to use your tablet, then you should follow the synchronization off.

7. Remove apps you do not use

Because each app in the background processes can run or synchronizations can execute, it never hurts to clean up unused apps. In addition to the disk space that it brings, it also provides certainty about your energy consumption.

8. Do not use animated backgrounds

Animated backgrounds make use of your CPU and graphics chip. This obviously creates unnecessary burden for unnecessary energy consumption.

9. Turn your Internet connection when you are not using

Once you do not need Internet, it is advisable to turn off the data connection and thus valuable energy savings.

10. Use Android's built-in battery usage report

Android has a built-in feature that some users may not even know exists. This battery consumption report shows you exactly where the energy of your battery going. Go to Settings> Device Info> Battery use and see which process is the most energy.