Four Main Advantages Of Windows RT Tablets

By on 07:06

» The price

One of the main advantages is probably the price. RT Windows tablets running on an ARM processor with a Windows RT license. The combination of these elements allows in many cases for Windows RT tablets at a lower price in the market are then put Windows 8 tablets with an Intel processor. With a budget of 500-700 euros you can pretty well from the feet.

» Office 2012 RT is included for free

An important advantage of Windows RT tablets is that the Office 2013 RT package is included for free. Initially, it is still a preview version, but Microsoft will sometime in the next few weeks the full version roll (free update). This gives you direct, and without additional cost, access to the popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs (One Note, Word, Excel and PowerPoint). If you have a Windows 8 tablet buy Office 2013, you will need to purchase separately.

» Longer battery life

RT Windows tablets run as stated on an ARM processor, a processor that we have so far only Android tablets and iPads ran. Now the ARM processors from Nvidia and Qualcomm among others, also for Windows can be used to cause a few extra advantages. Thus, the ARM processor is generally much more energy efficient than the Intel (x86/x64) processor. Since the battery life of tablets is an important part, this is an important advantage of Windows RT tablets. There are tablets with an ARM processor often just be thinner and lighter than the Intel / AMD variants, something that the device in some cases just a little more mobile.

» No malware

A "bonus advantage 'is the fact that the probability of (certain) malware - malicious and / or damaging software - Windows RT tablets is much smaller than in Windows 8 tablets, at least provisionally. Simply put, this is because the malware is now distributed aimed at and designed for x86/x64 (Intel / AMD) devices and therefore can not be rotated on a Windows tablet RT. As mentioned, this advantage is temporary as the attackers at a rapid adoption of Windows RT course just getting started with malware that is devoted to this.