Awesome Waterproof Accessories for Your Smartphone

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American rainstorms can become fierce walls of water, American swimming pools are commonplace and running around with wet hair is a sexy look that we all enjoy. These reasons may explain why the makers of Smartphone accessories have created a bunch of waterproof accessories. Here are a few that you can use in a rainstorm, with wet hair, or in a steamy bathroom or changing room at your local baths.

  • Surge2G Headphones

These headphones are good because they are waterproof. There are few people who have tried swimming with these headphones on because it is uncomfortable, but they are definitely splash proof to the point of almost being water resistant. This means you can use these headphones in a rainstorm. You can use these headphones at a swimming baths because you can use them in a steamy changing room. You can also use these headphones if you have very wet hair. Their design is very stylish and sleek so that you may run around with wet hair and cool headphones to your heart’s content.

  • H20 Audio Earwrap

Wet often means slippery which is why the H20 Audio Earwrap was created. It helps stop your earphones slipping out of place. It gets annoying when you are moving around and experience a sudden absence of sound because your earphone moved. Having to readjust your headphones will be a thing of the past.

  • GraceDigital Eco Pod

This is a waterproof case that comes with waterproof headphones. Essentially, it means you can turn your Smartphone into a water resistant object. It is not recommended that you immerse the case in water, since the water is liable to find its way inside, but as far as water resistance goes, you cannot go too far wrong with this set case and headphone set. As an added bonus--if you do drop the case in water it will float, which means you need not worry about it becoming fully immersed in water.

  • DryCase

This is called the DryCase because it is advertised as being fully waterproof to the point where you can take photo images with your Smartphone whilst being underwater. It has a clear case to help you take your photos. If you wish to take your phone underwater, you must seal it in the case and use the mini pump to create a vacuum inside the case. This keeps out the water and makes it possible for you to use the buttons on the phone.

  • AquapacArmband Case

This is a case for keeping your valuables safely attached to you, which includes your Smartphone. The case is advertised as being both waterproof and sand-proof. The case comes with an armband and is promoted as the ideal tool for people who take up energetic and thrill seeking sports.

  • AmphibxFit Waterproof Armband

This case offer comfort whilst in the water as well as out of the water. It is ideal for people who wish to keep their phones on them as they go swimming and take up other physical activity. It offers a high degree of waterproofing quality, whilst also offering a comfortable storage solution on your arm. It is a tool that you eventually forget that you are wearing, meaning that it does not become annoying or irritating.

  • Amphibx Fit Waist Belt

If you take up physical activities, which involve water, dust or sand, then this tool may be the one for you. It is sturdier than the armband, which adds further functionality for the user. It is better for sports where your arms are vulnerable to impact, such as when you fall from a snowboard or hit the waves in the water.

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