The most frequent mobile problems for Smartphone users

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The most common complaint so far is dropped calls. This is where people have their phone call dropped, either at the beginning as one phone attempts to connect with another, or they are cut off half way through the call. Obviously there are a few reasons why this may happen, and not all of them can be attributed to the Smartphone. For example we all know that the mobile phone works with microwaves that are bounced off of towers, and then off of satellites if the call is a longer distance one. There are a lot of things that may interrupt this signal getting from one Smartphone to another mobile phone.

We all know that a mobile phone call will be dropped if we go under a bridge, but did you know that there are some buildings that can interrupt a phone signal. For example, you will find it a lot harder to get a signal at the bottom floor of a hospital than you will on the top. You will also struggle to find a signal in certain technology factories. So, we cannot blame the Smartphone for all of you disconnections, however, the Smartphone does seem to have a higher prevalence for dropping calls than other phones.

We used to be able to blame the networks, but almost all major networks cover at least 80% of America, which is more than enough until people start colonizing more of the dessert and mountains. Therefore, we cannot really blame the networks either.

Maybe Smartphone signals are interrupted by a jamming technology. Some bigger cinemas create a jamming signal so that people cannot get a signal on their premises, therefore phones do not ring during the show. The “dampening field” (to coin the star trek Voyager phrase) often extends outside the building limits, which may disconnect passer-by’s phone calls. Cinemas are not the only ones that can jam or disrupt your phone calls.

There is a large building in Sheffield (in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom), which looks like two large golf balls. They are actually two giant machines that can pull phone signals from anywhere on their half of the hemisphere. They can listen to calls, disconnect calls and jam calls from thousands (and thousands) of miles away. The device is used by Britain’s MI6 (the James Bond people) and Americas FBI as part of their alliance. Sadly even anti-terrorism cannot be blamed for the higher rate of Smartphone’s being disconnected, since surely the same rate of disconnections would happen for all types of phones.

Other than a higher than usually call-drop rate, it seems that people owning Smartphones are 70% more likely to receive unwanted sales calls (in the U.S.). Even though cold calls are being restricted by federal and state law, it seems that Smartphone numbers are slipping the cracks and getting into the hands of cold callers.

The third most frequent complaint made against Smartphone’s is that it takes too long to connect to the internet, and even longer to download. There are even reports that phones boasting a slower download rate than a Smartphone are actually faster at downloading than the Smartphone. This means that many Smartphone’s either have been mis-advertised, or have serious technological problems. One must point out however, that the test groups only show a ratio of just under 50% of people experiencing the internet problem. This may not represent the true number of people suffering with internet problems on their Smartphones. There could be significantly more people experiencing problems, or significantly less.

So there you have it--calls being dropped, cold callers and slow Internet are the more frequent complaints made of Smartphones.

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