25 Best Android apps of 2012-2013

By on 03:51

Today I will talk about some of the Android apps  I've used on my Nexus and it caught my attention this year 2012. Although the vast majority are free maybe one that charges fees, watch if you download them.


There is a Twitter client for Android, but Plumes is the best client for any mobile device, so it is compatible with your tablet. Use columns that can display customizable options virtually every social network. With a really incredible ease of use, the interface is simple and intuitive. If you do not want to pay the $ 5 it costs almost this application, there is a free version with ads.


With this application you can make social contacts know your your interests and Web search. At the same time you can see what they look and interact through its board. It is one of the applications that are rising lately.


It is similar to the previous but bring a form of commerce through which you can buy what you see in your navigation. Just leave the United States and is expected to gradually expand to the rest of the world.


The third version of this keyboard provides more space than most usual telephones. This application is aimed at the people who create documents and looking for a fast and comfortable writing. Has great service AutoCorrect.


The free platform brings a fantastic tablet application that meets most of the features you can find in your PC. You can create blogs, take the device, its management, post entries, audio, video, etc..

Solid Explorer

The file manager will allow you access to your documents fast form, is a relatively simple browser allows you to effectively scan the menus. It can sync with Dropbox or Google Drive without a problem.


Applying Astrid Tasks lets you carry your tablet your own personalized agenda, initiate projects and set alarms. It is synchronized with Gmail and Google Calendar.


This podcast manager allows you to work with hundreds of files on your tablet, your player includes standard integrated controls more intuitive than usual in this kind of applications and provides widgets and other features.


This popular online video is available in tablet and already has an offer close to 4,000 films. In addition to a very interesting subscription plan based on a monthly fee, you can find lots of free titles.


The Spanish public broadcaster launches a free app that shows your HD television and radio channels to display live or recorded.


No matter what your location, you WifiFinder provide internet connection through an automatic scan of the area where you are. They say those who have tried that is simply incomparable.


This application uses the GPS to track your location on the map and make a personalized offer for all those hotels that are located in your area.


A weather service which operates in many countries and it offers a very intuitive menu, both for the day when you are like next week.

ACurrency Pro

This application specialized in currency exchanges will teach you the price of each currency in real time using a simple graphic. Impossible to be fooled by a trip abroad if you have services like this.

Trimble Outdoors

This application, although of payment, can be very interesting because it allows the GPS aerial exploration of large and accurate distance measurement. It also allows video recording and synchronization with the cloud.

Paint Box

It is an application that lets you create your own drawings and illustrations using a few simple tools, fully customizable. Also, allows printing to any printer by connecting wireless.


She just broke up with twitter but remains one of the most powerful apps market. It is worth to have it to share photos and allow users to interact through comments. Includes a number of effects that have become famous worldwide service.


This application drafting and design is a series of brushes to draw your own creations. It is too basic but can serve to entertain you for a while. Many people use it as a grading system.


A tribute to art in 8 bits. You can apply your filters to give a retro style quite interesting. Not the best application on the market but can give you a fun time.

Colour Splash 

This application will transform your photos to grayscale so that later modify the color of the item you want. It's a simple concept but given the high quality of the details and compatibility with twitter and instagram, make it a pretty powerful tool.