Magisto: Android App for professional Video editor

By on 03:43

Magisto is a simple solution for people who want to create high-quality videos from their Android devices , but have no knowledge of assembly or skills to do so. Magisto takes full control of editing and all you have to do is to add videos.

From the first screen choose if you want to record a new video over the application or select an existing one you have in the gallery. If you choose to record a new video, we take the simple but effective screen video recording Magisto .

Record a video from Magisto is simple , all you have to do is press the red record button to start and stop recording. There are a variety of options on this screen, you can only choose the orientation video and adjust lighting.

After recording, each video clip is shown in the right part of the application. From here, you can select whether you want to save or delete. With a couple of clips stored you may notice that the application is a bit slower , so should you make sure you remove the clips do not need.

Really, when Magisto makes their role is when starting the editing process. First you need to choose a soundtrack for the movie out of all that brings the application. Then add a title and add another clip to paste. As elaboras your movies you can add it to any of the usual social networks or send it by email. That is when the application assembles clips.

Depending on the size and number of clips, this process may take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes . Once done, you can preview the movie and later you can save to your device. It's that simple.

Magisto is a free application and you can download it from the Google Play Store.