Best Android Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and Sms

By on 22:31

These three applications covering perfectly blocking service calls and text messages.

NQ Call Blocker

NQ Call Blocker is a very comfortable and manageable. The few settings required are really easy to understand and perform, being fully fit for any level of user. Presents no problem to use it. Besides being able to block, selectively or totally blocking calls or text messages on your smartphone, offers some added utility. With NQ Call Blocker can create a private area where they have hidden contacts and call logs or sms thereof. One option offered free for a trial period and that in its indefinite charges. Moreover, blocking calls and sms does it perfectly, as expected. Excellent application.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number included in your application, and system crashes, another instant messaging between users registered on it. A "two in one" which dumps all its usefulness in blocking calls and text messages. The system to prevent calls from reaching us as sms both numbers we do not want is really easy to set up and operate. We could point Mr. Number for Android as a most effective when it comes to managing the locks. Though it seems obvious that all your instant messaging system, which has little to do with what we look for in an application call blocking and sms, should offer a separate app, we can hardly find objection to Mr. Number effective in intercepting communications task.

Call Control - Call Blocker

Call Control - Call Blocker is the third app to dispute a place among the most effective in managing unwanted calls or messages. This is a very attractive visual so. Unlike the other two we have selected, Call Control is entirely in English, something which is certainly a handicap and assumes a certain disadvantage to NQ and Mr. Number Call Blocker. If we save this circumstance, we see that Call Control is very effective in his work, although we should note that an important part of this application is dedicated to providing services to their community of users, and they are only available in the United States. Anyway, the limit of 3 blocked numbers established by this app leaves it at a disadvantage compared to other similar.