How to remove annoying ads/Popups on your Android

By on 20:17

Let's review the two applications that e have tested on the recommendation of the majority of users. The final choice between them is not easy, but to each their own needs will help to protect your smartphone.

AppBrain Ad Detector 

Great application that makes it really easy to remove annoying ads. With a very simple structure, this app does it all if left active. Not only alerts notify us so we can remove annoying apps or malware. We also brought forward, just download an application permissions information that we have awarded to admit and risks. We thus avoid the danger before it arrives. practical, effective, manageable ... Ad Detector AppBrain has everything we look for in any application and, on his own, perfectly fulfills. Despite being all in English, we can not deny the best rating.

Addons Detector

Addons detector is one of the best aplciaciones found in the Google Play Store to defend ourselves from the heaviness of advertising and notices some applications. This app can monitor any time, and within seconds, all the applications you've downloaded on the phone. But we can also configure the application so that check also the applications that came preloaded on your system. Addons is a very simple and effective that it pays to have among our list of apps for its usefulness.