Android App to detect Hackers on your WI-FI network

By on 08:40

If you surf the Internet using Wi-Fi, there is an application that should not miss in your Android phone or tablet: DroidSheep Guard . This application lets you know when someone is taking a MITM attack type.The attacks MITM  allow the attacker can see all the information that you're seeing the Internet : The page you are visiting, full access to your Facebook or YouTube, transactions that are performing, and everything you can imagine.
Protect your personal information by following these steps:

1) Login to Google Play , looking DroidSheep Guard and install.

2) Open Droid Sheep , select "Autostart /-Stop Depending Wi-Fi", click "Start protection" and then "Save and Hide"

3) And ready. When someone attacks your Wi-Fi network, you will get a notification.

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