How to make Android apps:Techniques and Tips

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To create Android applications will need some computer skills, but not necessarily reach the point of knowing how to program, so anyone who knows computer terms can perfectly perform these applications. If you're interested in the subject and want to know how to make applications for Android in the following article you will find all the information.


Create a user account in is free, no charge rates at the time of selling the application.
  1. Configure your computer to create applications. You need not worry, because this setting does not affect the rest of the team information, but more features are added.
  2. Among the applications that you think you have to go to the Android and follow the instructions they give you. The instructions guide you how to configure and install the Java and Android, as well as installing the Eclipse version.
  3. Access Buzzotouch account and select "how it works".
  4. Go into "my apps" and select "create new app".
  5. Add the name of the application you have chosen and see by clicking on the checkbox. Then select and save.
  6. Select an icon. This will be the one seen in the Android screen. If you choose an image you change the size of pixels, upload, save and click on "done".
  7. Enter the application and enters panel on the "download source code". Create a folder and store it.
  8. To perform all these operations can change the screen size to see everything at the same time, ie not to be changing continuously window.
  9. Enter Buzztouch and click on "manage menus and screens. As you go adding features and options you can go testing the application to see how their features.
  10. If you make the choice that you have advised to change the display mode also save development time, since you're testing and developing all at the same time. This can be done because Buztouch write code and export it to Eclipse as the implementation unfolds.
  11.  How to make Android apps: Techniques and Tips. You can also download apps for Iphone similarly to this you have to follow similar steps and download Xcode from the App Store. This program has everything you need to design, develop and test all you want with Buzztouch applications, which you know that Android uses.