How to make phone calls from your Android Tablet?

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In today's article I'll teach you how to make calls from your Android tablet . If you want to perform online work much better when we have a WiFi connection. The same from this connection work very well, the only drawback is that you do not always want to turn the computer on and here come the tablets to save, with a Google Voice application.

How do to install this in our tablet?

Before explaining I would tell you that this is also true for smartphone and is a free solution if you use WiFi only. Failure to do so and use 3G should pay extra.

Steps to follow:

First we check the rates of Google Voice to see if we are interested in and then open an account but if you already have an account with Google is a matter of linking and ready. To continue we need to download the application IP Lite Groove which we can download for free on Google Play . After installing the application, the open and we link our Google Voice account, if you have already associated your Gmail account to any Google application will recognize it and will almost automatically. When we call we need balance and add it from Gmail or from within Google Voice.

To start closing I want to leave a warning, to call other country need to put before the country code for calls to forward and American numbers mark the number and go. Also from IP Grove lite can contact our contact Google but we must ensure that the phones are stored with full number with international code, we will do that faster. If we call 3G  will have to use the implementation of IP Grove by 3.85 euros which gives extraordinary results too.