Top 5 apps for android to make free calls

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A lot of applications to communicate with other people, but we want to introduce 5 applications for Android for free calls. Although the Skype application probably already know, there are other applications that offer similar functionality. Among them are Tango, ooVoo, Nimbuzz Messenger and  Viber for Android .

Below you will find the 5 applications for Android that allow free calls and a brief description of their functionality and what they offer.


Skype is undoubtedly the most popular to make calls and to communicate with people who do not necessarily have Android, but is available for other platforms phones and even computers. You need to create a user to use the application, but additionally enables Skype video calls on a free, allows calls to phone numbers directly if you have credit in your account and can also use it as instant messenger or chat.


Similar to Skype, Tango allows you to make voice calls and video calls. One of the distinguishing features of Tango for Android is that you can leave video messages to any user with the Tango application. This application also has a version for Windows computers, as well as a version for iOS and Windows Phone, in addition to its application for Android .


ooVoo for Android allows you to make voice calls or video calls for free so people with Android devices, iPhone or PC. Anoint the most liked aspects of ooVoo allows video calls with multiple users on a free and good functionality. ooVoo also allows calls to telephone numbers, but they would be taking a charge.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz is another app that allows free calls between users with this application. Allows you to send messages and call phone numbers directly, but have generally a fee. Nimbuzz is available on the main platforms for mobile devices, computers and even has a web version mainly chat.


Viber is a free application for Android that lets you make calls and send messages to other users. Unlike most of the above applications, Viber allows for free calls and writing messages to users who have the application on iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Bada, Android additionally.