6 apps to save battery life of your Android phone and tablets

By on 20:19

What you eat your smartphone battery? GPS, say some . The data connection will explain others. The apps, all at the end match. Having the Whatsapp always in the background, check Facebook every few minutes, to check-in on Foursquare at every corner . And then it's 7 pm and your phone starts dying . Damn it, damn it.

We all know the theory, these little tricks with which to make the battery last a little longer ( lower the brightness of the screen, disconnect internet, GPS disable, close applications ... ), but the fact is that when the truth few we do. Is there any other way to beat more automatic a few extra minutes to the battery? Sure. The apps not only kill the life of the smartphone, some serve to lengthen! Lots of choice, but these are the top 6 apps to save battery on your phone .

1) JuiceDefender . One of the most popular apps, suitable both for those who do not want to make many decisions and those who want to control how it saves the battery: you can leave it to the app to decide how to consume less or you can customize the settings: WiFi enabled depending on where you are , turn that connect only some apps, etc.. Available only for Android .

2) Easy Battery Saver . If you do not want to worry too much about this topic, suddenly you just want longer battery life, this is your app. Very simple and easy to use, with a very attractive interface, Easy Battery Saver tells you how much battery time you have left (depending on what you're doing), offers tutorials to consume less energy, it tells you which apps consume more and, finally, Most importantly, the battery-saving modes automatically . It has five different, depending on what you need at all times. Available for Android .

3) Battery Defender . One of the most complete apps: detects the items in the background that are not being used , you can turn on and off certain apps depending on time (no need Whatsapp night, right?), create shortcuts, and so on. If you suddenly need to use everything you've disconnected to save battery (Internet, GPS, Bluetooth) you can do in one step, through a fast switch. Available for Android .

4) Battery Widget Reborn . This app is considered by many the best in its category , to combine ease of use being a very complete app. It allows you to have all the information about your battery (current load, how much time is left, etc.), a history through which also predicts how consume energy in the coming hours, a widget to include in the notification bar very customizable and, Finally, to save battery controls automatically: the mobile skip to airplane mode at night, for example. Available for Android for 1.99 euros.

5) 2x Battery Saver . With this application you control energy consumption by controlling the rest of the apps: you can automate when to turn on and off, when to connect and disconnect from the Internet, for example. It also whitelist : can not you live without Whatsapp? You can set it so that the instant messaging app does not come off ever. Available for Android .

6) Power TuneUp BitDefender . This app not only serves to save battery with features that we have seen (night-save mode, disconnect individual apps, etc ...), but also keep your phone in good condition: as soon as you open it, will tell you make a cleaning system to keep it optimized . First make an analysis, will tell you how much data you can delete (and what), you will select how many of these prefer clean and maintain ...! Available for Android .

Do you use any app to save battery? How's it work?