Apps to find lost or stolen Android and IOS smartphones

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It seems that the last to realize that smartphones are now small computers with all that that means we are the users. antivirus companies have for years been saying and cybercriminals are happy creating malware for smartphones, but users still see the smartphone as just a phone. Although he have access to all our Internet accounts, many pictures and videos and ultimately, things we do not like what they reached by hands.

And then your smartphone away . Do not know if I've left in a coffee shop, you dropped on the street, it has been stolen or just at home under the bed. All you know is that you find as soon as possible and do not want anyone to have access to it. The access is a separate issue which will be discussed later (why not mobile PIN does not protect ). Today we find the part of the smartphone and, as always, there are many applications to choose from. This is a selection of the best apps to locate lost phones .

- Lookout Mobile Security . Without doubt one of the best options. In addition to protecting the smartphone from malware and regularly analyze everything that happens on the phone , will tell from the computer or other smartphone where you are. A small map of Google Maps and go. In addition, an audible alarm, so that you can locate the phone if you are close even when turned off or silent . And, one of the best options: when it detects that it is running out of battery , save your location to at least know the last place I was "alive". Finally, you can lock your smartphone and even delete your data in the event is gone forever. Available for Android , iOS and Kindle .

- Prey . A small open source app that takes up little and long-Locate your phone on a map, takes photographs, it blocks the device ... It also allows access to the screen, to see at all times what is making the thief. Can be used in phones, tablets and computers. Available for Android and iOS , as well as for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Ubuntu .

- Find My iPhone . Only for iPhone , but certainly the star search app for Apple phones, developed by themselves. It has all the features of this type of application, accompanied by a nice design and easy to use (house brand). It only shows the iPhone on a map, but can tell you how to get there. Available for iOS .

- Android Lost . One of the most complete apps, but only for Android . The app locates the phone on the map and makes audible, but also allows the user to read the SMS that your smartphone has received, send SMS from your phone through your computer, forward calls and, of course, block and delete all data if do not want anyone to see. For power, you can even make your phone speak for no one has picked up yet ("I'm lost, pick me!"). Another point in its favor is that you can use even if not installed. Available for Android

- Plan B . Another app that can be installed on the phone remotely. After installing, you will be sent an email telling you where your phone , which will make for 10 minutes. If after this time you have failed to find it, you can restart the process by sending an SMS that says " locate "the smartphone from the phone of a friend and will tell you where you are and if you change your site. Developed by Lookout Mobile Security, is available for Android .