5 practical steps to rescue your wet phone

By on 22:15

First of all, this step is essential. The first mistake that any emergency is all rowdy and find the first exit they find. This is a total mistake. Leave the phone in the sun, shake it to get out the water or use a heat gun may seem like a practical solution, but are actually counterproductive. Take a deep breath, take your device and consider the following points.

1. Remove the phone from the water

Although it sounds obvious, it is important to point that out. L There is an urban eyenda suggesting keep in water until it is carried to a specialist. Grave mistake! The less water the better, that is the maximum that will save your smartphone. Bring the water unit as soon as possible so that the fluid does not have time to get into, at least as little as possible.

2. Turn off the phone, remove battery and card

In several cases, the phone automatically turns off (this causes the point number 0 is ignored, so we remind you not to lose calm). If the phone is still on, plus it's good news, turn it off immediately. extracts both the battery and the SIM card and memory. If they are wet, dry them with a cloth.

Tip: When descubir the back of the phone to remove these pieces, you will find a small white circle or square (sometimes with red stripes). This is an indication of moisture damage. If your color is pink or red in full, then your phone is damaged and there is not much to do. In case your phone does not have removable battery, leave it in place.

3.Dry it

A fabric work perfectly. The important thing is to remove the maximum amount of water from its surface. Try not to shake it to prevent water from running into him. If you have at hand a small vacuum cleaner, use it to supplement drying. Gentle washing with alcohol will also help in some cases. Avoid at all costs using paper or air gun , the holes of the device can be plugged and probably damaged parts.

4. Rice!

Yes, you read that right: rice. This food works wonders to absorb moisture, so it is often used in salt shakers, for example. enter the phone in a bowl of rice as long as possible , trying to move it in different positions from time to time. With about 10 hours will suffice, but should leave it as long as possible.

5.Turn it on

The acid test. If your cell lit, it means that the problem is solved. Otherwise, it is advisable to take as many decks that can: cover, battery cover, keypad, etc.. Leave parts on a towel for a few hours to further reduce the moisture.

Following these steps can save your phone. Companies like Nokia promoting rice technique because it is very effective. If it were the case that your cell prendiera not yet having gone through these steps, then it would be good idea to think about your new smartphone. Here is a list of good options, nice and cheap.