How to backup your WhatsApp talks on iPhone (Tutorial)

By on 21:57

The difficult but effective solution: iExplorer

Here you will make use of your computer, no matter if Mac or PC. Download iExplorer and install it, connect your iPhone to the machine using the USB cable and open the program. You must enter the route Devices \ iPhone \ Apps \ WhatsApp and select all subfolders and files it contains. Here, please click with the right mouse button, select the Export to Folder and saves files to wherever you prefer. It works both for those with Jailbreak, and for those who do not.

The most complicated and Jailbreak: DataDeposit

First you need a Dropbox account and download the app to your iPhone. Then download DataDeposit from Cydia, now displays a new icon in the dock. Select Change Settings , Link Dropbox Account and then enter your service account (which certainly must pass through authentication). If you return to the main screen, find the option Backup My Save Data . Enter and select the app (in this case, WhatsApp). Wait a few minutes for Realize the backup.