Make money by taking pictures with your iPhone

By on 21:45

123RF is an image bank that offers the possibility to sell photos taken with an iPhone , you have the ability to upload pictures you have in your collection of pictures or take them directly from the application. After uploading your photo you can set description and tags to appear in searches for potential buyers.

To sell 123RF not need to be a professional photographer renowned or, depending on your eye that you have to shoot, the more quality, more chances you have to sell your stuff . You need to create an account on the service and verify your identity using a photograph of your voter registration card, passport or driver's license.

123RF has a pretty nice way to keep your users generating quality content, you can enter contests with prizes of 300 USD . All you have to do is join challenges and take amazing photographs.

This is very important to take into account the tags and description of the photo (preferably in English) so that potential buyers can quickly access your content and can earn some extra money. The app also works as a supplement if you upload your photographs as a professional to the bank in its standard version.