How to turn off camera sound on Galaxy S4 (Tutorial)

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Method Expert

You must have rooteado on the computer and rename these audio files:  shutter.ogg, self-focus.ogg, camera_click.ogg, camera_focus.ogg, videorecord.ogg.  So, instead of having the. ogg extension should be placed. old. This will make these files can not be used by the camera application and allow you to turn off camera sound Galaxy S4. These files are located in the following directory: in system / media / audio / ui.

Alternative Method

Use a photo application that has a silent mode. In this sense Google Play has several, three of which are better qualified are:  Silent Camera ,  Silent Camera  and  High-Speed ​​Camera [Silent] .

Obvious Method

The first outlet in which thought is to put the entire phone on vibrate or silent, so the whole system will make sounds.

[EXTRA] Undercover method to disable the camera sound Galaxy S4

An extra option is that you start to record video and take video while taking picture. The result will not have as much quality but allow you, miss, the camera sounds..