Turn your Android tablet or iPad into a TV

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This guide will tell you how to turn your tablet into a television: the perfect place to watch all kinds of television shows, movies and anime, from the same place, without too much effort. In addition, we will detail how you can make to connect to your television for truth and thus enjoy all your great content.

Online Content

Some of these applications are paid, but if you're a strong consumer of television and movies, it is likely worthwhile. Either way, check the catalog of each before deciding. This is also the easiest way to get content on your tablet, without wasting time.

Netflix for Android and iOS

For 99 dollars a month you can access a catalog of TV shows and movies of the service. The application is available for Android and iOS, plus you can also use it on your PC or Mac, no problem.

Crunchyroll for Android , for iOS and Windows Phone

If you like anime, do not look further. This video application gets the last anime of the moment on your Android or iOS device. Just download the app, login to your account, and go.

WatchTV for Android

While Android and Flash needed, this app is quite interesting, as it serves as a guide of online TV channels . So you can watch many channels around the world that are transmitting its signal via internet, from Al-Jazeera to Anime channel.

Contained within your tablet

If you have downloaded series or movies on your tabelta, you need then, is a good video player.

MX Player for Android

This is an ultra-flexible player that lets you play any video format on any Android device. Moreover, organize your videos in a library, so you always know what episode you left off.

VLC for iOS

This video player, you can play any video format you want on your iOS device as if by magic. So do not worry about turning your videos or anything, just add them to your device through iTunes, or download directly on the same device, and enjoy them.

How to connect your tablet to a TV

Unfortunately, not all the tablets can be connected to a television in an easy way . To do this, you will need basically two things:

  • A tablet with a mini-HDMI port.
  • An HD television.

Of course, you also need a cable to connect them. This could be included with your tablet, but if not, it's a matter of buying it at any electronics store. It looks like this:

To connect your iPad to TV

In the case of the iPad, only need an Apple TV connected to your TV in order to access your iPad screen via AirPlay.

  1. To use, simply connect both the iPad and the Apple TV to the same WiFi network.
  2. Press the start button twice to show the last few apps you used.
  3. Beside the music control buttons, a new button, the AirPlay button.
  4. Press it, select your Apple TV and ready. Now see the same thing you see on the screen of your iPad on the big TV.