Camera Mute:Disable the camera shutter sound of your Android

By on 23:25

Some devices integrate the ability to easily turn off the sound of taking pictures in the camera, regardless of other system tones .
For devices that do not, Mute Camera is the perfect solution for this problem - comes in the form of a very lightweight app that does not require any root access to your device. remember that we are not responsible for damage that may happen to your computer

Camera Mute for Android eliminates the noise made by the camera of your phone

This app does pretty much what it says in the name , but also comes with an occasional "detail" - only works when used with the native camera application. Any Android user to use a third party application such as lead capture element can leave aside this application.

Camera Mute was originally created to solve the problem of a user of the Galaxy Note 3, but has been tested (and works) in almost the whole range of devices Galaxy S and the Galaxy Grand, Lenovo P780 and the new LG G2 .

Not exactly the most innovative or impressive feature, but definitely help you to solve the trouble suffered by many users .

Mute Camera Free Download here .