5 alternatives to Chrome for Android

By on 22:00

Although Google Chrome is one of the best browsers, there are alternatives to Chrome for Android that are well worth it, as the 5 we bring you today.

Chrome for Android is perhaps one of the best alternatives on the market if you have a phone with the seal of Google. It's fast, syncs with your email account so that you have centralized all tabs and navigation data from your devices and works like a web version. However, not all found in your browser Chrome definitive and would prefer to use a more customizable or simply faster. For everyone who wants to let go of the Google browser or just experiment with other options, here five alternatives to Chrome for Android.


It is one of the most popular alternatives to Chrome for Android. Its main point is the relevance of the desktop version of the browser and the fact that they can synchronize both versions. If you are someone who uses Firefox as the default browser on your Mac or PC, definitely Firefox for Android is for you: sync your tabs, favorites, or your search and browsing history between devices, with the stamp and image of Firefox .

Opera Mini

While Opera for desktops has been losing steam over time, their mobile versions are still a few good alternatives to Chrome for Android with a good rate of downloads. The Mini version of the browser has won praise from many for one quality that stands out from the rest: the compression of the websites . Instead of directly visit websites with Opera Mini send the signal to your server, which is responsible for compressing the page you want to visit, avoiding consume your data rate in minutes and allowing you to surf so much faster, especially when you have 3G/4G coverage.

ONE Browser

alternatives to chrome for androidAlso ONE Browser is one of the best alternatives to Chrome to Android market for their fresh and casual design . In addition to a compression engine to browse faster, ONE Browser allows you to save entire web pages for when you have no Internet connection, customizable skins and you can select the font size.

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD remains one of the best alternatives to Chrome for Android. In fact, before the advent of the Google browser, raged at Play Store. And reasons for its success is not short: voice search, gestures, customizable through themes , add-ons or share links with just one touch are some of the features of this browser, one of the most comprehensive Google Market.

Boat Browser

Best of Boat Browser is undoubtedly its design, which combines the best of Chrome and Safari . But also, Boat Browser has many other qualities to become one of the most serious alternative to Chrome for Android sidebar for quick access, customizable themes, add-ons and storage system that allows store favorite pages in the cloud , on a memory card or sync with Firefox. A popular option to consider.