5 Android apps to disable notifications during sleep

By on 01:29

The scene is repeated. We're trying to sleep, when someone sends a text message, or even worse, call us. Yes, we have the option not to answer the call, but let's take a little longer than we wanted to go back to sleep. That's one of the problems that many have with modern technology, can we really disconnect it when we want? Some apps allow us to do just that, off Android at night, to not receive notifications or calls that are not important .

If we want to disable Android at night without having to put it in absolute silence or directly off, some applications allow us to Google Play Advanced configure the phone to fit our needs. This is really handy because if we have an important call that we know we do not want to lose, or have some contacts that we care whether you call us exorbitant hours, then we can do.

Today we will be talking about five specific applications to Android at night off to sleep easy, knowing that we will not be bothered by trifles. Some apps are free, others are pay or subscription function.

1.Keeper Nights

This is one of the most complete application available on Google Android Play to disable night. Keeper Nights is equipped with a lot of functions. For example, we can block calls and SMS do not consider important and set silent or vibrating mode for the rest of the night. However, we can add some contacts to a "white list" so you can hear if the phone rings when we call a particular contact.


Bedside is something like an alarm clock on steroids, which also adds other functionality to Android off at night. Besides being highly customizable-you can change the colors of the letters, icons and background images, we can activate a mode called Bedside Mode that will put our phone on silent and only allow some calls and messages pass.

3.Night Time

Another application for Android off at night is Night Time . As its name suggests, has a number of settings that allow the best use of the customization capabilities of the phone to not be bothered. Basically, we can adjust the volume of calls, notifications, and other specific sounds that can wake up during sleep.


The fourth in our list of applications for Android off at night is Timeriffic , which can be used not only during sleep but also has an interesting battery of features to make our phone work for us, instead of bothering. At nighttime, we can customize the times in which we return to receive notifications sleeping peacefully. It has several features to customize this.

5.Phone Schedule

Finally, we conclude our list of applications for Android off the evening with a multipurpose tool, Phone Schedule , which also will help us to sleep easy, and will allow us to add other features of a schedule. So, we have different mode settings of the phone also to save power, such as adjusting the brightness but also the activation of certain applications for a specific period of time.