Best applications for Twitter addicts on iOS and Android

By on 01:18

Today we will see some of the best Twitter applications for network junkies bird .We will focus, this time, in the operating systems that currently monopolize the market: we are talking about iOS , Apple devices, and Google's mobile operating system, Android , which is stomping around the world, with different ranges terminals for all tastes.

 While the problem of Android fragmentation is a reality, many of these applications are available for operating systems that could be considered "outdated", thus also available to low-end terminals. For other operating systems such as Windows Phone, we remind you that a few days ago we present a list of the best social apps that is worth revisiting.

For Android

We start with our list of the best applications for Android Twitter. According to a recent study by ComScore, the 52.3 percent of users of smartphones in the U.S. have Android devices, a trend that is repeated in other countries to a greater or lesser extent. So Google Play applications have as much relevance as the App Store . Now, we will see what are the best apps for Twitter in the operating system, and thankfully, we have many options to choose from.

Carbon :

The first on our list of best apps for Twitter is Carbon, one of the most popular clients to help us manage the platform from the phone. There are several issues to be improved, for example, interface, 3D animations that we have when we swipe between columns, and more. With Carbon also have support for multiple accounts you can easily navigate and also the ability to access the most popular tools such as trending topics, lists, and filters.

Plume : 

secondly, we find another crowd favorite. Plume is, which is great for those who were not satisfied with the performance of Twitter for Android but enjoying the interface. In this sense, Plume offers no radical differences, but it works well, and allows us to be well above our contacts updates. Plume columns allows the creation of a personalized manner, for example to follow a hashtag or a particular user.

Robird :

 if you're looking for is an application that allows us to browse our tweets efficiently, then we can give a try to Robird. With this tool, we will be able to do the most basic of a Twitter user, for example, update our timeline, and send updates. But on the other hand, has some interesting details, such as auto and preview images, as well as support for push notifications.

For iOS

At the other end of the spectrum, we find iOS. While many of the applications available for Android devices are also for the iPhone and iPad, we have selected some particular ones we call attention or allow us to have a different experience. In fact, many of the first options in this list of best apps for Twitter in iOS also available on Android. It will be a matter of finding what suits us.

TwitPal :

 for those who prefer deeper customization options, TwitPal can be one of the best alternatives. For example, this application allows you to select a background image for our timeline. With TwitPal, we can also manage up to five accounts at the same time, as well as post to Facebook, and shorten URLs directly from the application. Another interesting detail is that we can make a tweet with the music we are hearing from the cell, with the hashtag # nowplaying.

Echofon :

 this is one of the best Twitter apps available in the App Store. The mission statement of Echofon is related to the facility: This application allows us to manage our Twitter account, and all the tasks related to it, in a simple way. Therefore, we have several options, such as payment account and free. With Echofon, we can also synchronize with the browser to not miss any tweet that we have not read. We started to read from the phone, and continue from the computer.

HootSuite :

 This is one of the best apps for Twitter on iOS, but it is also one of the most powerful alternatives to those engaged in the administration of social networks. While the free account only allows us to manage a single account with a Pro or Enterprise account we find that team members have a full reporting system well suited to meet our customers, a native URL shortener, and more, all designed for optimized work experience.