Download latest version of Google Maps 7.4 apk for Android

By on 20:50

Here I bring you the latest updated version of Google Maps to version 7.4 extracted directly from my device and put at your disposal without any manipulation.

How I say these are the original apk from Google Maps , and the apk say that we have two different applications depending on the version of Android you're running on your terminal.

Among the new improvements we can find there are some new icons in the menus of the application as well as an improvement in the use of gestures . For example now sliding upwards or down with two fingers climb or descend the map view from bird view to view with the earth.

Access to the records of the locations searched is still the card mode and style of Google Now and include comments and scores of people who have visited. When I say scores of people have visited I am referring to people who either have been in situ in that place or have visited virtually from Google Maps .

This last aspect is something that Google should look to change as the score allow voting or people who have not even been physically in one place does not seem logical. It would be more normal rate allowed to vote or users who have actually visited that place. Do not you think?.

Following the rationale of today's article is the direct download of the apk, I must say that they are the original applications of Google without any manipulation. Applications that put at your disposal for updating the application of those unwilling to wait to come to them directly via Play Store , or for all those people who does not have the app store for Android, Play Store installed on their devices.

How I say we have two different versions depending on the version of Android that we have:

For versions lower than 4.0.3 Android unfortunately no update possible application.