Top 10 educational Android apps and games for kids

By on 19:15

The tablet or mobile phone not only can be devices with which children can play, but it also can be used to be useful tools for learning easy and fun. In this article I will present a list of the five best educational applications for children that you can find on Android devices.

 All these applications you can download for free in the market of Google Play.


PlayTales is an application that provides interactive books -  both new and old, traditional classics of children's literature - for children who are just starting out or for those who are already avid readers. It is very easy to choose the books they buy from PlayTales , with over forty titles - and climbing - for children aged up to eight years or more, with the ability to view demos before buying. The interactivity of the books will make your children learn to read and enjoy doing it, because it will be like a game. It is also available in Castilian.

2.Colouring Book

This is a simple drawing application with which your children will enjoy a great time, playing with the images and using different colored pens that allows the program. It has up to 103 pictures into several categories: animals, airplanes, nature, people, etc.. Colouring Book has the features zoom , to approach the smallest details, and the option undo , to undo the last action.

3.Kids Numbers and Math

Kids Numbers and Math  allow your children, intuitively, to enter the world of mathematics and numbers , and also enjoy them. Although the application is in English , do not worry, I'm sure they understand it better than you and maybe after teach you something. The game features images and sounds to stimulate the child , but without creating a confusing environment, because the main thing is to learn. The game progresses in difficulty and thus reaping advances in mathematics go slowly.

4.Kids Videos Hub

This application is a small portable cinema for your children so they can entertain themselves wherever they go. The contents of these videos, which are streaming, is strictly monitored to be appropriate for their ages, ranging from classic animations, to drawings known as Arthur, Pingu, Pocoyo , and dozens more with hours of fun.  Kids Videos Hub requires that you have installed Youtube , and of course, internet.

5.Lego App4

Lego App4 is an application designed to develop and stimulate the imagination of children aged between four and seven years . Start building your own truck, carrying the cargo to its destination, and collect coins to buy more parts for the truck. It's almost like a real lego, but simpler and with the addition that you can enjoy on screen. It has very good graphics and easy for children.


iStoryBooks  contains a lot of free books with texts, images and audio for children. It also has the ability to create an account premium through a monthly subscription to access more content and downloaded files can be saved to an SD card. Children can read on their own, or you can read through the interactive graphics . Every two weeks will upload a new publication that appears directly in the application library.


This is the official television channel for children and young RTVE Clan . The best series that are broadcast on this channel you can see them on your Android thanks to  the application of Clan : Caillou, Clanner, Pocoyo, Tara Duncan, Jelly Jamm, Pok√©mon, Peppa Pig, Everything is Rosie ... Hours of fun with videos for smaller in English and with coloring. Incorporates the House Clanner to make pictures with your favorite characters and win prizes in contests Clan . Full Episodes in Spanish and English for your children to learn, coloring pages and coloring.

8.Sing Sing together

We all know that kids pirran songs. With  Sing Sing Together enjoy singing educational songs, learn English and will have a great . The pace of the sympathetic yet catchy songs will make your children learn music memory, stimulating learning the language. Besides also can dance, following the choreographies of funny characters on the screen.

9.Scratch Draw

Scatch Draw is another application for coloring with your kids enjoy seeing the magic that lies beneath the board. It is not color within a character, but to draw lines and to discover the colorful backgrounds that hide behind black slate. The app has over 260 different funds full of colors. Also you can save the pictures or email them to surprise and to your family.

10.Kids Preschool Puzzle

I have painted, sung, danced and learned ... to do something different,  Kids Preschool Puzzle proposes for children of the house up to twenty puzzles (in the free version) with pictures and colored pieces that must be completed. There are different categories: animals, food, transportation, numbers, etc., And with different challenges that will test the logical development of children. It's another way to have a good time and learn in front of the screen.